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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I choose the duration that my organization runs Fruitoramma?

- No, It is important to us to maintain excellent customer service for you and for us, we do not want to keep customers waiting when they make orders. Plus, it has proven beneficial to set a duration that creates a sense of urgency for your organization to get out there and raise some money!!


 Why are there only three options to choose from?

- We make it Simple. Healthy. Fun. And provide you with two of the top selling fruits available. They are of premium quality and will hold up very well in transport to make sure your supporters are pleased with the final product.



 Do I have to deliver the products?


- Fruitoramma will work with your organization to set-up a delivery at the best time and location possible. From there it will be the individuals responsibility to pick up the products and get them to those that made orders.


  Can I really make money on this?


- Fruitoramma allows you the opportunity to make up to 40% on what you sell!!! It is a great way to make money by offering products that people love and feel good about!



Is Fruitoramma available all year round or do I have to wait for certain seasons on the fruit?

- Fruitoramma is available all throughout the year to provide you with any time period that works for you. All fruits currently available are of great quality all year round!



 What kind of groups would Fruitoramma work best for?


- Any group looking to raise money should look to Fruitoramma to help them hit their goals. Whether a small group or large group, Fruitoramma has the ability to help raise money for all groups.


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